I just love assholes

I want to say that you’re the happiest thing in my life, but I honestly think I’m the worst in yours.

I’ve thought more about suicide in the last 2 months than I have in my whole life.

I give up. I literally give up. If this doesn’t get taken care of today, I literally give up and I will leave and I will not come back. This is the first time in a long time I’ve honesty thought about killing myself.

There is this girl at work who drives me fucking crazy. She’s an attention white for one and everything has to be about her when we’re at work. Everything. And then she calls in constantly about over things that she causes herself and then I’m always the one who picks up her shift. I have needed to miss work a total of 3 times while I worked there. Once because it interfered with my second job, once because my car was busted in Winchester, and today because I’m sick as fuck and really needed someone to come in. And every time we ask her if she can come in and her response is no (insert lame ass excuse here). Every. Single. Time. I am so over her bullshit and she’ll be lucky if I don’t call her out on something. And this other girl at work tries to defend her. ‘Oh Katie she’s only twenty. She’s a kid.’ Okay I’m 7 days from being 22. Bitch ain’t got no excuse. I was responsible at 20. I had myself an apartment at 19 and the only reason I have it up we because I went back to school. That’s right, at least I can pull a job and school at the same time. That girl can’t have a job and take care of her kid. She has NO excuse.

I need those meds back so I stop wasting my evening staring at this computer and not doing anything. Depression sucks.

And no one ever comes…..

Why is the thing in your name if you can’t remember anything so that I can pay the bill…..

It’s funny how when I start asking questions, people stop texting me. 800% sure it’s because they don’t want to answer.

Sometimes I become a huge angry baby when people don’t agree with me when something is fundamentally wrong. Like god damn it pisses me off.

So today is just absolute shit. Like everything is pretty good, other than my extended family is a bunch of assholes. Like they really, really piss me off. And for once in my life I’m starting to feel like I’m tired of living.